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History of the company

The history of the factory starts in 1959; according to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 43-18 dated 10.01.1959 it was decided to organize the first radio manufacturing in Penza. Radio manufacturing was based in the largest enterprise in the city of Penza – Frunze Factory. On the 6th of August, 1975 according to the order of the Minister of radio manufacturing of the USSR No.241 radio manufacturing of the Frunze Factory was concentrated in the independent enterprise “Penza Radiozavod”.

During the years of work the factory went through three hard periods of time.

The first hard period of time covered the first years of existence, when radio manufacturing in Penza started from scratch. Government of the USSR assigned little time to create radio manufacturing, but despite the difficulties, established team came out of this situation with credit.

In 1960-1970 the factory started to manufacture such legendary articles as «Vozduh-М», «PU-12». The adoption of VP system equipment started («Vozduh-1P» and «Pautina»). The task of the VP mobile articles was to receive and process coordinates of air objects and transmit them to the command posts of fighter aviation. In the year 1926, 70 railroad platforms were wheeled out to the shipping area, on these platforms 80 units of the complex were fastened in order to be delivered to the destination point. It was a real groove for the factory workers.

The second period was related to the building of the separate radio factory, at this time one had to restore staff of scientists and engineers, and organize serial production once again. And again the employees of the factory managed to solve organizing and economic problems. Soon the factory became one of the leading enterprises in the sphere of developing and manufacturing mobile automated control systems for precision missile weapons of Land Forces Anti-aircraft defense.

On the 7th of May, 1976 the special design bureau (SDB) was established.  The first product developed by the SDB was a modernized battery command post on the base of PU-12M on the computer elements of the 3rd generation. Serial production of PU-12M started in 1978. PU-12M5s of the 5th modernization were manufactured in 1992-1993; PU-12M6s of the 6th modernization were manufactured in 1994-1995; in 1997 the seventh version of the command post PU-12M7 was developed. Now JSC Radiozavod is the only manufacturer of combat actions control posts for Land Forces anti-aircraft defense units.

On the 11th of February, 1976 management of the factory decided to manufacture consumer goods.  During the following two years, 1977-1979 more than 10 articles including souvenirs, games and toys were developed.

The article «Lezvie» -equipment of target designation reception- transmission for ADD was developed in 1980, reworking of «PORI-P2V» –unified post for radar information processing for the objects of ACS AAD of Land Forces and Air Forces has been finished in 1982.

Voltage stabilizer for colored television SPN-400 was adopted in 1982, its production started in May, 1984, and adoption of the production of radar information processing post for the new Radar fleet also started in 1984.

Medical device «Istok» and drying oven were developed in 1985, the production of hubs and axles for seeders SPR-6 started in September, 1986.

The last and the most difficult period for the factory fell on the 90th, when the factory struggled to survive in the hardest conditions of the army and defense industry reformation.  And again it has won, retaining a place among defense industries in Russia.

In 1992 the factory started serial production of television  «Junots’-309», another model of television «Sura ТZ31ТB» with the extended system of radio channels receiving had been releasing in 1994, model of the 5th generation television with 32 cm diagonal kinescope was developed in 1995. Farming machines department was organized in 1998, this department has developed the design of the first seeder S-6P. The factory adopted and started serial production of ovens for infrared drying «Vostok» and «Farmer», then household drying oven «Dachnik» was developed.

In the 90th a command-staff vehicle for control over missile launch rocket system «Smerch» was developed. Radiozavod was the first in Russia who started serial production of rocket artillery systems using promising computers. Production of command staff vehicles TZU SV started in 1993. Among the manufactured articles are CSV MP32 complex of means for automated control over «Slepok-M» of tactical missile rocket brigade, equipped with «Tochka» and «Tochka-U»; CSV MP24R for commanders and chiefs of various general  formation services, MP24R-4 – artillery reconnaissance control post.

In 1994 the factory stated to adopt automation for missile troops and artillery. Unified staff vehicle «MP-32» from the composition of automated control system for armed forces «Maneuver» was modified. Experience accumulated during this work made it possible for the factory to become the main enterprise for creating automated control systems for tactical level of the artillery in 1999.

Complex of control over tactical missiles brigade and multiple launch rocket system was developed in 1996.  Department of radio engineering systems and devices was created in the same year. This department developed and adopted radio sets «Karat UKV-RT1», «Karat mini RP-301», «Karat country RP-201, 202,203», «Karat UKV-RP», «Karat UKV-RT». Adoption of the article «Utug» (Iron) took place in the same year.

Articles UBCV and CSV for control over artillery division were modernized in 1997.

In the end of the 90th the article «Ranzhir-M» and its modification «Ranzhir-MK»- control system over anti-aircraft missile complex “Tor-M1” were developed and have been successfully used.

On the 13th of August, 2002, Alexandr Georgievich Bystrov was assigned as the General Director of  FSUE Radiozavod according to the Order of RASU (Russian Agency for Control Systems) No. 200. Personnel solutions were implemented in the year 2002, the new strategy of development was formed, the form of property has changed (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Radiozavod was privatized and has become an Open Joint Stock Company Radiozavod. Owing to all those facts the work of the factory stabilized, volume of output and profits began to grow. The beginning of the new millennium marked the factory’s revival.

In 2002 Radiozavod won a competition held by the government of Penza region for creating mobile dental room. In December, 2002 the prototype of the dental care room was manufactured and serial production began.

In 2002-2004 six types of seeders were developed. In 2004 mobile command post of anti-missile brigade «Polyana-D4M1» was introduces into service.

For work in regions that are difficult to access the new modification of dental room was developed in 2006 it was called KSP-02 and represented mobile dental care room on the chassis of vehicles «KAMAZ-43118» and «KAMAZ-4308». 

A prototype of mobile post for blood collecting MPBC on the base of «NEFAZ» bus was manufactured in 2007.

Line of LED lamps(for stairwells, street and office) was launched in 2010. Lamps are manufactured on the base of the factory’s own developments, as the factory has a long experience in the field of radioelectronics. Serial production of add-ons «Volna 5102-S» and «Volna 5103-S» was adopted for receiving signals of cable digital television broadcasting.

In 2011 technical equipment complex of automated control system for formations of portable anti-missile complexes was released.

In 2012 portable complex of automated control for mortar battery for the artillery formations of Interior Ministry troops of Russia was set into operation.

Oleg Borisovich Ratnikov became a general director of the factory in June, 2015.

Today JSC Radiozavod is one of the most successful enterprises of Penza region. The company uses advanced manufacturing technologies, state-of-art scientific and technological achievements, realizes promising projects.