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Automated control system of the AAD anti-aircraft missile brigade (combined grouping) “Polyana-D4M1”

Automated control system of the AAD anti-aircraft missile brigade (combined grouping) “Polyana-D4M1”
Automated control system (ACS) “Polyana-D4М1” (article 9S52М1) is a backbone complex of multielement combat information system running on a basis of total of radar stations, complexes of AAD coordinating and subordinate forces and means interacting through a distance and time with aim to ensure efficient control over forces and units. ACS “Polyana-D4М1” is designed for automated control over anti-aircraft missile systems (complexes) of “S-300”,“Buk”,“Tor“,”Tunguska” types and so on across corresponding command posts (control posts). ACS ensures the data reception from digital RS, interfacing and interaction with CP of aircraft control and electronic warfare.

Article 9S52M1 is delivered in two versions: mobile and fixed ones.

Article 9S52M1 includes:

  • combat control post (CCP) (article MP06RPМ);
  • command-staff vehicle (CSV) (article МP02RPМ);
  • two mobile power stations of ED2х30-Т400-1RАМ7 type;
  • autonomous AWP - article 9S929.
Article МP06RPМ is designed to control of the anti-aircraft missile brigade (AAMB) (combined grouping) forces and means when carrying out combat alert, training and interaction with adjacent AAD forces formations, units and subunits.

Article МP02RPМ is designed for combat action preparation, arrangement and planning of AAMB (combined grouping), reference documents exchange with subordinate, interfacing and higher CP (CC).

Articles МP06RPМ and МP02RPМ constitute autonomous automation equipment complexes, communication complex, power supply and life support complexes assembled in vehicle shelter on KAMAZ wheelbase.

Article 9S929 is intended to equip AAD fixed command posts for ADMS (AAMS) grouping while combat alert ensuring in time of peace and control from secure CP within transition from peace-time to time of war and during war. The article constitutes autonomous complex of automation, communication, power supply means complex transportable in containers by various kinds of transport and set up in fixed prepared premises.

System unity of articles 9S52М1 and 9S929 ensure the skill retention of military officers when passing from fixed CP equipped with article 9S929 to mobile CP equipped with 9S52M1 as well as the unity of articles ensure control transfer from fixed CP to mobile ones.

Main performances 

Number of objects integrated simultaneously148
       · higher CP


       · controlled meansup to 6up to 6
       · interoperating CPup to 4
up to 4
       · RI sourcesup to 3
up to 3
       · airborne( helicopter) radar surveillance complex1
Number of simultaneously processed AO (air objects)
up to 500up to 500
Number of displayed and tracked air objectsup to 255up to 255
Display visibility zone of air and ground situationup to 1600 kmup to 1600 km
Time needed for automatic target designation command issue and s automatic interfacing of combat action
from 1 to 3 sec
from 1 to 3 sec
Targets performances limit values:
       · throughout the height0-51 km 0-51 km
       · to speedup to 2550 m/s
up to 2550 m/s
Number of automated workplaces of
       · combat control85
       · planning operations32