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•    manufacturing and assembling of printed circuit boards, including those manufactured according to the       
     technology of surface mounting;
•    assembling and adjustment of units and devices;
•    manufacturing of cables, bundles of any complexity, including optical fiber bundle.

Metal working:

•    conducting of lathe and milling works on the modern high effective equipment.

Framework production and press forming:

•    production of parts and frames using laser and plasma-arc cutting devices, coordinate perforating presses with
     programmed numerical control, bending presses with programmed numerical control, engraving millers,
     machines for corners cold forming, etc.
Welding fabrication:

    shielded electric-arc welding of steel with copper-plated filler wire.

The following types of coating are used at the factory:

•    zinc;
•    copper;
•    nickel;
•    chrome;
•    tin and bismuth alloy;
•    copper and zinc alloy (brass);
•    silver and antimony alloy;
•    oxide coat for steel;
•    oxide coat and oxide conducting coat for aluminum and its alloys;
•    passive (high-alloy steel, copper and copper alloys);
•    oxide coats for aluminum and its alloys, applied by means of anodic oxidation;
•    metallization;
•    applying of metal zinc coating on aluminum parts by electro-arc method.

Thermal treatment:

•    thermal treatment of ferrous and nonferrous metals in electric furnaces and tank furnaces;
•    vacuum annealing of electric steel;
•    cementation of steel parts;
•    hot air oxidation

Test Lab
Equipped test laboratory enables to conduct all types of climatic and mechanical tests.